New Construction

Getting involved early in design-build projects means we can help you plan, budget, and troubleshoot. Our flooring expertise enables us to point out potential issues that others might not see. Establishing a legitimate budget in the early stages saves time and money.

Complete Renovation

For established spaces, we have the equipment and expertise to demo the existing floor, evaluate the subfloor, and install new flooring. We can also assess existing floors and provide solutions to extend the life of a floor.

Large Scale Projects

With our complete range of commercial flooring expertise, our expert crews can handle the full scope of large-scale projects, such as hospitals, nursing homes, and airports. Managing all aspects of the flooring work ourselves helps ensure clear communication, a smooth transition at every step, and accountability throughout.

Design & Planning Stages

In the design and planning stages, we keep an eye out for unexpected challenges. We can help evaluate all options, determine the best approach, and create a realistic budget to set every project up for success.

Highly Skilled & Certified

Our manufacturer-certified installers for Mapei and Ardex know both processes inside out. We can review plans and specs to make sure they meet the manufacturer’s guidelines. With our project site experience, we also serve as extra eyes and hands on-site for remote architects.

Multiple Industries

We install high-quality flooring solutions for an array of commercial applications in the retail, hospitality, healthcare, and transportation industries. From 10,000 to 40,000 square feet and beyond, our expertise and experience result in floors that stand up to heavy commercial use across industries.